James A. "Jim" Jefferey, WA5QMJ


February 25, 1932 - April 5, 1995


Well known as "The Father of the West Texas Connection", Jim, WA5QMJ, built the first 2 Meter hub and spoke radio system in West Texas. Links were on UHF repeater pairs. Jim was an "Elmer" to many West Texas hams, including several Armadillo members.


In 1987, Jim received a special Public Service Award from the National Weather Association, which supports and promotes in Operational Meteorology and related activities. This award was for the vital role that "The Connection" played relative to the 1987 Saragosa, Texas tornado. Due to the continued efforts of Rod, N5XXO, The West Texas Connection is still used to protect the lives and property of thousands of West Texans by supplying radio communications for area weather spotters and the National Weather Service.


Born in Hugo, Oklahoma, Jim was a self-employed electronics engineer and member of many Amateur radio clubs in West Texas.     B. John McDaniel, KE5PL Les Blalock, N5KOA George Toone, WB5FBJ