Austin Summerfest - August 13, 1982

Chuck Adams, N5UN


1982summerfest01 t

This is a picture of the N5FL (now W5JR) Mike Roden "mobile" repeater that was installed in the elevator room of the Austin Marriott hotel (now called the Red Lion) for the Austin Summerfest/Texas VHF-FM Society convention. Visible in the cabinet from top to bottom is the 444.600 N5FL repeater, a controller on the left, a Midland 13-509 220 MHz remote base radio on the right and at the bottom is the power supply. N5FL had rigged the repeater to run on 12 volts DC and hauled it down to Austin and back to DFW in the back of his Ranchero, while the repeater was in operation. It was used as a mobile repeater "comm channel" during the trek down to Austin and back to DFW after the convention.