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4/7/2020  20:00 

It is with great sadness that I am writing to you all to let you know that Dillo Board Member, Walter Hoover KB5OVJ has succumbed to the Covid-19 virus, after suffering a stroke and being hospitalized.

Mary has not been able to see Walter since he was admitted to the hospital in Beaumont a week ago.  Doctors originally admitted him for a series of strokes he had while at work.  He was initially released with rehab planned, but he was taken back to the hospital the following day has his condition worsened.  While in the hospital ICU, he was tested for COVID-19 and the test was positive.  He was put on a ventilator a few days ago, his conditioned worsened and he passed away a short time ago.

Walter was our friend, our fellow ham and brother.  I will miss him greatly.

Because of the current emergency measures, no funeral has been planned at this time. Walter was the sole provider to Mary.  Expenses incurred for the hospitalization etc are expected to be very high.  Walter’s daughter has started a GoFundMe drive to raise funds to help.

Please take a minute and donate to the fund as a way of honoring the memory of our brother.